Client Testimonials

At Phantom Creek Estates we utilize Swift Aerial Surveys for both NDVI’s and detailed vineyard mapping.  The NDVI mapping allows us to track vintage to vintage vigor changes as we work to increase the health of weaker areas and control vigor in vigorous areas in turn taking wine quality to new heights.  The detailed vineyard mapping has been helpful for due diligence on vineyard properties and when developing vineyards.   I would highly recommend the team at Swift Aerial Surveys.

Cameron Vawter, Interim General Manager and Viticultural Consultant 

The aerial NDVI mapping, completed at such a critical time in the growing season, afforded us the capability of staging the harvesting of the fruit to select optimally ripe sub-blocks based on plant vigor.  We were thus able to grade and "field sort" the fruit, creating the best wines possible from our vineyard blocks. The technology has also given us detailed mapping of areas requiring fall/winter compost application.

Kathy Malone, Winemaker - Hillside Winery & Bistro, Naramata

Liquidity Wines uses Swift Aerial Surveys to collect high resolution RGB & NDVI imagery as well as GIS mapping and we found that the quality of the product as well as the support is money well invested. We recognize that we are slightly ahead of the curve ... These are our findings:

1) We were surprised to find water leakage down a slope of Merlot and were able to accurately measure the area of influence and take steps to fix the problem

2) Moved us light-years ahead in being able to communicate complex issue in simple ways to shareholders, management, and the viticultural team as a whole.

3) By developing a GIS Map of the entire vineyard are able to improve training and help with Succession.

Since Liquidity Wines is a data driven organization (committed to making the best decisions based on experience, common sense and accurate forecasts) NDVI will continue to be an important part of our plan to maximize yields and minimize risks for years to come.

Andrew Stone, Vineyard Manager - Liquidity Wines Inc., Okanagan Falls


We utilize the services of SWIFT Aerial Surveys with great results. The information provided in aerial photographs and NDVI analysis allowed us to pinpoint and fine tune nutrient applications and help to provide a strategy for vegetation

management.The services were provided in a professional manner.

Matt Mavety - Blue Mountain Vineyards and Cellars, Okanagan Falls